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Rexburg, Idaho Dude Ranches
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  • McGarry'Ranches "New Born"
  • Campfire at the end of Cowboy Day
  • Ranch Horses coming to Work
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McGarry Ranches

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6140 West 5000 South, Rexburg
Rexburg, Idaho 83440
+1 866-593-4455
+1 208-356-6531
$266 - $266 ?
Minimum Stay
4 Days

Check In/Out:
Sunday, 2:00 PM / Sunday, 10:30AM
Ranch Altitude:
6,850 feet
Ranch Capacity:

McGarry Ranches

If you wish to experience the lifestyle of the American Cowboy with a legitimate cattle outfit, riding daily on an American Quarter Horse then here is what we are and what we offer.

Ranch owners, Theron McGarry is a 4th generation cowboy. Wife Jean also with a ranching background spent years living on the desert with her family working livestock.

Cow camp is located at the valley ranch in southeast Idaho along the Snake River. Log style cabins surrounded by a slough is scenic and restful. A fire pit just outside your door makes for relaxed comfortable evenings with your fellow wranglers from many parts of the world.

Upon arrival at the ranch you will be given the firm handshake or welcoming hug, to the ladies only, after which you will lose the guest handle and become one of the McGarry Ranches Family of Wranglers. In other words, just one of us.

Here is what is in store for your stay. Breakfast served around 7:00 AM, in the ranch house during which Theron and the cow boss, Derk Morton, will put together the plan for the day. Then on to the horse corrals to catch up your mount and saddle up. Once in the mountains we will work the herd as was done over 150 years ago. Daily we ride through the stock making sure the pairs (cow/calf) are together.  That the mothers are taking care of their offspring and the calves are taking nourishment from their moms. We will rope and doctor, in the open, any of the stock that is sick or injured. We will track and gather any strays that have broken out of their grazing units and trail (drive) them back to where they belong. Locate the break in the fence or the open gate and repair the fence or close the gate. Trail parts of the herd to new pastures for range management. Put out salt, ride fence, sort in the open when cattle need to be separated. Good practice for you team penners. Locate calves that have become separated from their mothers and get them back together. Usually we will visit more than one unit in a day as the herd is scattered over 55,000 acres. There will be times when we gather, trail and sort cattle with other ranches. A chance for you to work with other cowboy crews.

Along with the pairs we run bulls. They too will be given attention to make sure that they are where they belong and not on the other side of the fence. Sometimes a challenge to be dealt with. As they say, you can trail a bull to where ever he wants to go.

In addition to the pairs and bulls we run yearlings.  You know how the kids are. Another challenge to your riding ability.

During the day we will eat lunch in the mountains, usually around noon. However, we make no promises. Days end, 5 or 6:00 PM, another one of those no promise things, should find you feeling the good tired and ready for the home cooked meal that awaits you at the valley ranch.

A great meal, full stomach, the feeling that today you really did COWBOY UP sets the stage for the lean back and relax with your new found friends and fellow wranglers in cow camp. Rehash the days activities, talk about that stray that almost got away save for your quick thinking and fast action. Can't forget to mention how much you love your horse.

Supper, shower, good friends and better talk make you ready for the really great nights sleep in the cool clean Idaho air.

The following morning up to begin your new day in the saddle. The slap of leather, the ching of spurs, the feeling that all is right with the world and off you go to the mountains. Just another day at the office.

You can have confidence in the fact that you will be riding with full time cowhands. We do not hire summer part time help. Theron and Derk spend large amounts of time in the saddle yearly. Both professional horsemen to make your stay with us a safe one.

As your visits end don't be embarrassed by the tear in your eye as you say goodbye to your horse, the ranch and the cowhands that have helped to make your stay a memory that will never die. Theron and Derk (licensed Idaho guides and first aid card holders) say, THANK YOU COWBOY/COWGIRL, for your help and friendship.

You are part of the ranches history and a fully vested member of the McGarry Ranches Family of Wranglers. We look forward to having you return to your cousins here in the west. Please visit

Thank you for putting your trust and faith in us. Please know that we appreciate you. We consider your stay with us a genuine help and enjoy your company.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted (small transaction fee)

Ranch Dining

Meals are served family style in the ranch house.

Breakfast typically will consist of eggs, pancakes, french toast and a meat dish. Hot biscuits, bread, jelly and margarine.

Lunch will be sandwiches with a variety of meat, fruit, put together by each guest. To be eaten on the trail.

Supper. will consist of a different dish each evening. Typically turkey, ham and potato casserole, spaghetti, roast beef, steak and hamburgers. Salads, vegetables and hot bread. Wednesday is a cookout.

Ranch Activities

As a legitimate working ranch herd maintenance is our primary concern. However, not to be left out is the beautiful surroundings you will be living among during your stay with us. Walk along the Snake River. Watch trout in the water begging to be caught. Possibly see Moose, Elk and the ranch horse herd traveling back and forth in green pastures and ranch water crossings. Practice your roping skills with the roping dummy in cow camp. Look forward to that cookout during the week. Hike the trails.

Ranch Lodging

Sleep in log style buildings with 2 rooms in each building. A privacy curtain down the center. Total rooms 4. Fully equipped bathrooms, shower,wash basin, commode, electricity.

Ranch store for your riding, clothing needs.


  • Bird Watching
  • Cattle work
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Roping
  • Rodeos
  • Wild life Viewing


  • 8-20

Dates Open

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November


  • Ranch/Western

Length of Stay

  • 4 Nights
  • 5 Nights
  • 6 Nights
  • 7 Nights

Lodging and Amenities

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Cabins
  • Internet

Ranch Policies

  • Alcoholic Beverages are permitted
  • Can bring your own horse
  • Credit Card accepted
  • Works With Travel Trade

Ranch suitable for

  • Adults only
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Singles


  • Minimum age for riding on the trail - 8
  • Advanced rides
  • Intermediate rides
  • All day ride

Specialty Events/Weeks

  • Adult Only Weeks
  • Adult Oriented
  • Cattle Drive
  • Girlfriend Getaways

Cancellation Policy

In all the years we have been inviting guests to the ranches, since the 1980's, we have not had even a handful of cancellations.

Should circumstances unforeseen cause a cancellation we in no way wish to add to a what may be a trauma in your life by taking any part of your deposit from you. We feel that we have always been treated fairly by our extended ranch family and we go out of our way to be fair with you.

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