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Job Openings

Winter Dude Ranch Caretaker/ Guest Ranch Wrangler
Posted by: Sundance Trail Guest Ranch in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado on 9-17-2014
Winter Dude Ranch Caretaker/ Guest Ranch Wrangler
The Winter Dude Ranch caretaker/ Guest Ranch Wrangler is a nine month position (September through May) that usually takes a leadership position the next summer. We are hoping to find someone to take leadership in next summer’s ropes program. During the fall/winter/spring months the ranch is open as a Red Feather Lakes Pet Friendly Bed & Breakfast with daily horseback riding. See more at at the below link
Posted by: Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia, Arizona on 9-15-2014
Circle Z Ranch will be employing Floor Staff for the 2014-2015 season. We are seeking individuals who are energetic, friendly, and responsible. Members of our Floor Staff will be dividing their responsibilities between housekeeping and waitressing duties; we like to remind all of our employees of Ranch style team work, we expect everyone to fill in as needed to help our ranch succeed. Housekeeping Duties: Vacuuming Making beds Cleaning/dusting Wash windows (inside and out) Launder all linens And various other duties required to keep our ranch immaculate. Waitressing Duties: Meal set-up/ break-down Serving side dishes Pouring drinks Washing dishes Helping pack food and utensils for rides. Assisting with food prep as needed General: Ability to be flexible and follow direction from ranch management Strong and positive communication skills
Posted by: Zapata Ranch in Mosca, Colorado on 9-15-2014
Zapata ranch is seeking wranglers for the 2015 summer season. Must have a life time of riding horses (prior wrangler experience is not necessary). It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that guests have the experience of a lifetime, and therefore hospitality is at the forefront of the role. Applicants must have exceptional people skills, be hardworking and handle multiple tasks at one time. We're looking for individuals who like to work hard and have a fun time, teaching ranch guests about horsemanship, nature, wildlife, conservation and responsible ranching practices. The role also includes dinner services in the lodge, leading hikes, bison tours and a doing whatever it takes to ensure operations run smoothly. Please submit a complete resume outlining all work and personal experiences, and a cover letter describing what is important to you in living your life to Applications are open October 1st 2014.
Head Wrangler
Posted by: Red Rock Ranch in Kelly, Wyoming on 8-24-2014
Head Wrangler
The person for this position will need to have excellent horsemanship abilities, proven customer service skills and the desire to work long hard days in a hands on learning, team environment. Previous Guest Ranch experience is required as well as proven horsemanship. The responsibilities will entail the following: herd management, individual horse care, vet work, horseshoeing, rider safety, riding instruction, barn/ranch maintenance, adult rides, children rides, guest services, team leadership, employee training, scheduling guests and wranglers as well as numerous other details related to the overall satisfaction of our guests. This person will need to be able to work in a team related environment, but also be able to think for themselves and be ready to handle any situation in an emergency. This is a year round position, ranch access in the winter is by snowmobile only. Due to housing limitations and the remote location this is more of a positions suited for an individual or couple Please contact Doug – email preferred – 307-733-6288

About Dude Ranch Employment

Each year our 100+ member ranches hire many seasonal employees, and some year round employees, for such positions as wranglers, cooks, wait staff, housekeepers, maintenance workers, children's counselors and office workers. Most seasonal employees are hired by the Southern ranches for the months of September through May and by the Northern ranches for the months of May through October. Many northern ranches have last minute openings during the months of May and June. Compensation varies from ranch to ranch and position to position but usually includes salary, room and board, a share of the seasonal tip pool and use of the facilities and horses when off duty. Frequently the ranches have more applicants than positions, especially for positions related to the horses. Jobs on dude ranches typically involve hard work and long hours as well as participation in evening guest activities such as line dances, hayrides and staff talent shows. Good people skills and an ability to live and work well with others are required. The more flexible you are in the type of position you would like, the more likely you are to be successful.

Non-U.S. Citizens:

Employment opportunities on ranches for non-U.S. citizens are extremely limited and almost non-existent for working with the horses. Occasionally, a ranch will hire a non-U.S. citizen for a wait staff, house keeping or kitchen staff position. Foreign persons seeking employment must be able to speak English well enough to understand guests and the employer. They must also have a work permit for the U.S.A. Please contact the U.S. Embassy for information on work permits. The Dude Ranchers' Association is not able to help in obtaining work permits.

Student Internships:

U.S. students often contact the association seeking internship positions. The Dude Ranchers' Association has no formal internship program but a number of our member ranchers have been willing to negotiate with students for internship positions as a part of their seasonal employment. Students interested in such positions may utilize the opportunities listed below.


To assist the many students and others seeking employment, the Association is offering the following


1. Upon request, we will send the Dude Ranchers' Association Directory. All 100+ member ranches are listed, along with their contact information, programs and amenities. Interested individuals may contact each ranch themselves.

2. The Dude Rancher's Association also publishes a newsletter that is sent directly to all member ranches. For a US$10 fee, you may place an employment wanted ad in one issue. Many ranchers refer to the ads published in the newsletter when hiring. There are no guarantees, but it is a good, inexpensive way to contact all member ranchers at the same time. Sample ads are shown below.

Send us your name, address, phone number, dates of availability, type of position(s) sought and 2-3 sentences describing your experience or qualifications along with the US$10 fee to: The Dude Ranchers' Association Newsletter, P.O. Box 2307, Cody, WY 82414. Payment must be received before the ad will appear.

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