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Western Dancing Found on these Dude Ranches

May 2nd, 2016
By Leah Bright

Vista Verde Western Dancing

What dude ranch experience would be complete without a little bit of western dancing? Western dancing is a fun, evening dude ranch activity that the whole family can enjoy. At these ranches odd numbers and resistant teens are no challenge. There are female and male wranglers waiting to sweep your teenagers off their feet (only in the literal sense). They have been trained in the ways of western dancing. Some ranches offer a variety of styles for your dancing entertainment. You might find some combinations of line dancing, square dancing, the country swing, the polka or just some silly kicking… Read More

Girlfriend Getaway – Anything but Ordinary

April 25th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Bonanza Creek Girlfriend Getaway

Skip Vegas and plan a girlfriend getaway that’s anything but ordinary at the original all-inclusive vacation destination: the dude ranch. Enjoy spa treatments, horseback riding, mountaintop yoga classes, outdoor adventure, wine tastings and, of course, girl talk in some of the most spectacular areas in the country. No matter what type of getaway you and your girlfriends have in mind, there’s the perfect dude ranch out there for you. There are a broad spectrum of guest ranches that are perfect for girlfriend getaways, ranging from rustic working ranches to luxury resort-style ranches. Whether you’re staying in your own private cabin… Read More

Ride for the Adventure

April 16th, 2016
By Leah Bright

Would you like to ride out on the open prairie shoulder to shoulder with your family?  If so there are great ranches who offer adventurous riding opportunities as the terrain permits. At the member ranches of the Dude Ranchers’ Association safety is always first.  Trail guides are knowledgeable of horsemanship and teaching basic riding skills.  So take off on your next vacation and enjoy some adventure riding at a dude ranch. You are sure you would like some adventure rides in the West, but maybe, not so sure about selecting the right ranch with the right personalities for your travels…. Read More

Dog Friendly Dude Ranches

April 10th, 2016
By Leah Bright

A dude ranch is your next adventure vacation and there is no way your “best friend” can stay with your neighbor or at a boarding facility for a week or more. So, take your dog with you to a dog friendly ranch! Traveling with your pet is a rewarding experience. Personally, my dog goes with me everywhere, from weekend camping trips to the annual pilgrimage home for the holidays.  Prior to having a dog I would drive until I got tired and then drive some more. Now there is an excuse to get out of the car and enjoy some… Read More

Discover Dude Ranching

April 5th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Discover Focus Ranch - Working Cattle

Discover the  taste of the authentic American West where horses, hats, history, heart and hospitality abound. With over 100 carefully chosen member ranches, we know there is a ranch that will fit you and your family– perfectly, all while protecting lands, parks, forests and wildlife. Our Dude, Resort and Working Ranches are in the most picturesque regions of the USA and Canada near historic sites and national parks for a photographer’s heyday! Each has its own unique history, incredible horseback riding tailored to the rider’s age and ability, and exciting outdoor adventures like white water rafting, paradise fishing on scenic… Read More

Dude Ranches: Activities and Programs for Millennials

March 18th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Home Ranch Trail Ride for Millenials

Millennials are the world traveling generation; they crave excitement and unique experiences that cannot be satisfied with just any vacation. According to a recent study done by MMGY Global, millennials travel more often than any other generational group. With an influence forecasted to grow even more over the coming decades, millennials are looking for destinations that provide them with one-of-a-kind, authentic activities along with “green” and sustainable travel experiences. With the DRA representing more than 100 dude and guest ranches that offer an abundance of unique activities to satisfy any millennial’s adventurous spirit, we think we are the perfect fit… Read More

Family Bonding – Dude Ranch Style

March 11th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Colorado Trails Family Bonding

There is much to be said about children getting too much screen time in today’s tech-saturated world. But look around most playgrounds and you will see that parents are just as guilty. Too often, we’re reaching for our phones rather than focusing on what’s truly important – strengthening family bonds and making memories that will carry us well into the future. As the original all-inclusive destination for families, a ranch vacation guarantees plenty of time to bond and spend time as a family sans technology, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Try a warm family getaway that breaks the… Read More

All Aboard! Amtrak Train Rides to Dude Ranches

March 4th, 2016
By Leah Bright

Northern_Pacific_Railway Train Travel

Train travel and dude ranches go way back in their relationship. In fact, the historical Northern Pacific Railway influenced early western expansion and the beginnings of leisure travel to Western States. Early dude ranchers, as in Larry Larom and his peers, founded the Dude Ranchers’ Association in 1926. From the start the organization promoted leisure travel to dude ranches via train and established industry standards. Traveling to a dude ranch today is still possible. Amtrak is now the modern train travel company. They offer trips from the East coast of the United States to the West Coast and many places… Read More