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Dudes Flock to Guest Ranches

The Santa Barbara Independent
By Barney Brantingham

Trail RideThe Old West still lives at dude ranches sprinkled through the saguaro-studded deserts of Arizona.

Actually, they’re known as “guest ranches” these days and are magnets for Europeans who hanker for a dusty taste of the cowboy life, strong cowboy coffee, and getting astride a horse.

I found tourists from England, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, and thereabouts on a recent visit to horse country at the White Stallion Ranch and Tanque Verde Ranch, both near Tucson.

The High Chaparral TV series (1967-1971) is still being shown in Europe, spurring interest to see the country where it was filmed.

“I’m not disappointed,” said Ann Reid of Stratford-on-Avon, daintily digging into scrambled eggs while on a breakfast ride at the White Stallion.


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