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Berman: Dude Ranching at Brush Creek in Wyoming Ideal for Dad-Daughter Bonding

Following is a great story shared with us by Joshua Berman, OutWest Columnist for the Denver Post.  What a great adventure for a little girl and her Dad!  I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did!


berman_for_outwest-301-2“Daddy, what’s a dude?”

I think for a moment, tempted to make a “Big Lebowski” film reference to my 5-year-old daughter, but instead I say, “Dudes are people who don’t get to spend much time around horses — like us.”

She ponders this, then asks, “What’s a ranch?”

“A place with horses,” I say.

I have just announced to my eldest daughter, Shanti, that she and I are going on a vacation to Wyoming for the weekend, as soon as kindergarten is over — just the two of us.

It is the first such trip we have taken together, and I am worried. Is she old enough to appreciate so many new experiences, in such a new environment, all at once? Can she handle the five-hour car ride? Will she just scream for her mommy all weekend? Will she fall off the horse and be scarred for life by the experience?

Or will this trip be the stuff of little girls’ dreams — ponies, rainbows, s’mores, Daddy’s full attention, long naps in the car, and happily ever-afters?

Time will tell.

berman_for_outwest-301For the next few weeks, Shanti confuses “Wyoming” with the name of another state where her friend just went on vacation. “Daddy, how many days until we go to Hawaii?” she keeps asking.

The number of days gets lower and lower, until it’s time. We load up the car, say goodbye to Mommy and Shanti’s two little sisters, then crank up the children’s music and speed north to an unknown place — Wyoming! — where neither of us has ever been.

After years of diapers and toddling and thoughts of “One day, we’ll have so many adventures,” that day is here. My daughter and I are exploring the world. Together.

Heading west on Wyoming 130, we enter Medicine Bow National Forest, conquer a sharp-toothed Snowy Range Mountain pass, then arrive at Brush Creek Ranch, a guest facility built on 15,000 acres of big-sky, sagebrush-soaked, Rocky Mountain awesomeness about four hours northwest of Denver.


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