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T-Cross Ranch -Leading a Trail Ride 101

I saw this story on T-Cross Ranch‘s Blog and thought it was so well done…I had to share.  Enjoy!

At supper one evening, Mark told four of us gals that we could head out on our own the next morning.  We had all been coming to T Cross for a while; some for years and years, but it was still exciting to think we’d be turned loose to go adventuring on our own!  I saw the opportunity to practice my wranglerette skills and my compadres were more than game to let me give leading a trail ride all by myself a whirl!

Hole in the Wall as viewed from the valley floor. Can I get them up there and back?


The next morning we got down to the corral early and debated which trail to take.  We sorted out that nobody else was heading up to Hole in the Wall and decided that would make for a good test of my skills.  Conner told me what time I needed to get back by before they would send out a search party…boy would that be embarrassing!  The gals debated how to get to Hole in the Wall, but I felt pretty sure I knew the way and confirmed with Conner and Michael just to be certain.

We got underway, heading across Horse Creek and the west meadow to the gate.  I had to get off of Idaho to open it, but pointed out that I needed to check cinches anyway.  My companions on this trail ride had decided they would score me on a variety of different factors ranging from horsemanship, such as opening gates to picking good bathroom stops!  (As if I needed this extra pressure.)

It wasn’t too long before they began concocting issues to test my wranglerette abilities.  “Cindy, I need to drop my stirrup because my knee hurts.”  “How much further is it?”  “What kind of tree is that?”  “What’s the name of that yellow flower?”  “What mountain range is that called?”  (read more)

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