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The Best of the West…The Deal on Dude Ranches

Last week Travel Courier ran a great article by Ian Stalker about our terrific ranches.  Hope you enjoy!

Saddle Up to Dude Ranch Vacation

Colleen Hodson says those who opt for the type of vacation she promotes can saddle up or simply put their feet up.

Hodson is executive director of North America’s Dude Ranchers’ Association and says a stay at a dude ranch isn’t necessarily the type of vacation many expect.

“While most people usually associate dude ranches with cowboys and cattle drives, they are much more,” she says of the more than 100 accredited members in her association.  “Dude ranches are the original all-inclusive vacation and are committed to preserving and sharing the Western way of life.  Guests are able to customize thier dude ranch experience to suit their needs and desires.  From yoga and cooking classes, to fly fishing and hiking, to swimming and bird-watching, a vacation at a DRA-accredited guest ranch guarantees a memorable experience ulike anything else.

“Horseback riding is, or course, one of the main activities on most DRA-accredited guest ranches, but their’s so much more. Dude ranches allow the flexibility to ride as much or as little as you would like: there are breakfast rides, lunch rides, all day rides, half-day rides, wine and cheese sunset rides, as well as horse clinics, riding lessons, team penning and cattle work.  Or, if you’d rather, you can simply gaze at a pasture of horses, while you enjoy a good book or a glass of wine.”

Many association members now offer spa treatments, while other activities can include white-water rafting, hay rides, western dancing, golf, ATV rides, hiking, mountain biking, and baseball, while evenings may see cowboy singers, casino nights, western movies and star-gazing. (read more)


For more infomation about The Dude Ranchers’ Association or for assistance in picking the right ranch for your vacation please visit WWW.DUDERANCH.ORG or call 866-399-2339

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