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The Best Dude Ranch Vacations: K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch

The Dude Ranchers’ Association is very fortunate to be supported by some of the greatest alliance partners and one of these is Justin Boots!  Please take the time to visit the Justin Boots website and while you are there check out their blog Justin America.  You will find some great articles and stories one of which is featured below.

October 26, 2012

We’re happy to introduce the Dude Ranchers’ Association destination for the month of October. The traditional 16,000-square-foot log lodge, K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch, is a cattle and horse ranch located in eastern Washington.
As the cooler days and nights of autumn settle in, guests can enjoy horseback riding, fly-fishing in nearby lakes and streams, hunting, hiking, mountain biking and even panning for gold along the scenic acreage of the Pacific Northwest.
Currently open year-round for the all-four-seasons experience, K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch first opened its doors in the 1960s as a cattle ranch and veterinary clinic by the Konz family. Today, the second generation of the Konz family still owns and operates the ranch and feels it’s their duty to carry out the family’s passion for the spirit and adventure of the American West. An ideal vacation experience for those looking for a little relaxation, guests feel at home at K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch and experience “more to life than just skyscrapers and sidewalks,” as the Konz family says.
Be sure to check back with JustinAmerica next month for another Dude Ranchers’ Association-approved recommendation and find out more about “the best of the best” ranches across the country by visiting www.duderanch.org

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