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Corporate Meeting Trends for 2017

December 9th, 2016
By Leah Bright

Red Reflet Meeting Space

With winter in full swing, it’s now every event organizer’s “most wonderful time of the year” scheduling conferences!  If you are in charge of planning a conference or corporate meeting for your company, consider the 2017 trends shaping today’s corporate events. In regards to these trends, consider an accredited dude ranch to fit the bill. With capacities varying from ranch to ranch you might find one intimate enough for your board of directors or large enough to take the entire enterprise. Strong WiFi Connection Even when you are planning an event in the mountains access to highly effective WiFi can… Read More

DRA celebrates 91st convention and welcomes new members

November 30th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Tanque Verde Ranch 91st Convention Location

Many member ranches from across the Western U.S. and Canada, along with associate members and vendors, are expected to attend the Dude Ranchers’ Association’s (DRA) 91st convention at Tanque Verde Ranch on Jan. 18-21, 2017. The DRA is also proud to welcome three new members to its existing roster of ranches: Bull Hill Guest Ranch in Kettle Falls, Wash.; Horses N Courage in Judith Gap, Mont.; and Rankin Ranch in Caliente, Calif. Each year, convention attendees come together to exchange ideas about how to continue exceeding the highest standards within the dude ranching industry; promoting the Western ranch vacation experience;… Read More

Pass the #TravelSauce While Vacation Planning During the Holidays

November 23rd, 2016
By Leah Bright

Cherokee Park Ranch #travelSauce Family Living at the Cabin

Take the time this holiday season – when bellies are full, spirits are high and good will is in abundance – to sit with family and pass the #travelsauce, by planning next year’s perfect family vacation to a dude ranch. This Thanksgiving and through Christmas is the designated time every year for family’s to come together and share not only a meal, but also experiences from the past year and hopes for the year to come. Take this opportunity and seize the moment to plan your family’s next Western adventure vacation at a dude ranch. Here’s the perfect way to… Read More

Working Cattle Ranches Are Great For Young Adults

November 17th, 2016
By KristinShawd

As your kids grow into adulthood (17 to early 20s) their individual interests begin to branch off into new and different directions.  As parents you long to plan trips that will fully engage them and create long-lasting memories.  But how?  How do parents get their burgeoning young adults to fully abandon their pocket technology and other distractions and simply hang out as a family…and love it? These questions popped up regularly in our house as my husband and I considered where to spend our family vacations.  We wondered if a dude ranch might hold some answers but, as a family… Read More

An Equine Photographer’s Paradise

November 11th, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Three Bars Guest Ranch Photography

Three Bars Ranch is home to over 100 head of horses, 1000 acres of land and an incredible backdrop with the Rocky Mountain Range to our East and Purcell Mountain range to the West, making the ranch the most incredible equine photographer’s paradise. Last Spring we hosted a group of photographers for a week long seminar on Equine Photography and it was such a success, that we are offering another week of fun, excitement and learning. This year’s instructor is Professional Equine Photographer, Ryan Courson (Horse and Hound Photography ) An award winning Canadian equine photographer, Ryan’s images grace… Read More

Riding Lessons Before My Ranch Stay?

November 3rd, 2016
By Leah Bright

Sundance Trail Ranch Riding Lesson

This week at the Dude Ranchers’ Association I received an inquiry about riding lessons before headed to the ranch not uncommon here at the office. Philip W asked, “Should I attend a Western riding school here in England before? Or, would it be better to wait till I am at the ranch in case the teaching here is not as good as (or would conflict with) that which I would receive on the ranch?” In short, I responded “I think it would be a great idea to take riding lessons before you go.” The long explanation below has a little… Read More

From Babies to Teens – Bring Your Children to the Ranch

October 27th, 2016
By Leah Bright

Wind River Ranch Babies on Vacation

Traveling is one of many wonderful things a parent can do for a child’s education and early experiences. Many families may be come dismayed while searching for a destination to take their young ones. That being said, here is a great solution for families with babies as new as one month can find suitable- or rather an amazing – ranch vacation. The Wind River and Tumbling River Ranches are just those type of spots. Although you may be looking for a baby friendly place the fun doesn’t stop there. Nope, it continues on to great times for small children through… Read More

Dude? Dude! Dude.

October 21st, 2016
By Colleen Hodson

Western Pleasure Dude Ranch

Recently, I was asked an interesting question by an individual who had never heard of a dude ranch. The question was, “is a “dude ranch” just for men or can anyone come?” I have to admit, I laughed a little when I first heard the question. After more thought, I am surprised that given the modern use of the word “dude,” I don’t get this question more often. The urban dictionary defines “dude” as “A word that Americans use to address each other. Particularly stoners, surfers and skaters.” Merriam Webster dictionary, when asked to define the term for kids, defines… Read More