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Alliance Partners
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The Dude Ranchers' Educational Trust
The purpose of the Dude Ranchers' Educational Trust is to protect and preserve the history of Dude Ranching by maintaining a museum and archives for educating the public on the historical nature of the dude ranching industry.
Additionally, The Educational Trust helps to educate persons wishing to pursue employment or careers in the dude ranch industry.



Phyladelphia Insurance

"Gillingham & Associates is proud to be the exclusive insurance carrier for the DRA Insurance Program. We are the leader in outdoor insurance with competitive rates and comprehensive coverage for all your ranch's insurance needs. Receiving a free, no obligation quote from Gillingham & Associates is fast and easy. We welcome the opportunity to compete for your business, contact us today and we will get to work for you."

8501 Turnpike Drive #200
Westminster, CO 80031
Phone: 800-849-9288


America Outdoors

America Outdoors is an international association representing the world's finest active travel outfitters, tour companies, guest ranches and outdoor educators. America Outdoors member companies provide a wide range of outdoor recreation and learning experiences to the general public. Services include whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayak touring, guest ranch vacations, bicycle touring, fishing trips, teambuilding, climbing, jeep tours, winter sports, lodging, interpretive trips, international adventure travel and many more activities. Member companies operate in 43 states and 50 foreign countries.

America Outdoors assists member companies by providing a variety of member benefits including insurance and risk management programs, government affairs, professional development training, money saving benefits and the industrys leading Marketing and Management Conference. America Outdoors consumer website is and the association site for member companies and member benefits is


The American Quarter Horse Association - AQHA


The American Quarter Horse Association is the world's largest single-breed registry and equine membership organization, with more than 4.5 million American Quarter Horses registered worldwide and AQHA membership numbering more than 350,000. AQHA mission is to record and preserve the pedigrees of the American Quarter Horse while maintaining the integrity of the breed and to provide beneficial services for its members that enhance and encourage American Quarter Horse ownership and participation. The Association is dedicated to connecting people to horses.

The American Quarter Horse is known as Americas Horse but is the worlds most popular and versatile breed. Originally bred by Americas colonists to run short distances and later earning a bold reputation helping settle a country, the American Quarter Horse today can be found in rodeo and show arenas, backyards, the racetrack, ranches and anywhere else his gentle disposition, eagerness and versatility make him the breed of choice.


The Wild Sheep Foundation

For more than 30 years the Wild Sheep Foundation (formerly FNAWS) has been committed to its mission of “Putting Sheep on the Mountain!”

This international wildlife conservation organization has generated more than $70 million dollars for the conservation of wild sheep while benefiting other wildlife. The Foundation is a membership based group with members from more than 20 different countries made up of wildlife managers, hunters, outfitters, and people that are just interested in a healthy future for wildlife and wildlife habitat.

The Wild Sheep Foundation effectively works with federal, state, and provincial wildlife and land management policymakers to ensure that open space remain intact for all wildlife providing recreational opportunities for the public.


Intrix Technology, Inc.

Intrix Technology, Inc., a leading technology enabled registered Independent Sales Organization, delivers innovative payment-processing solutions for developers, enterprises, retailers, processors and sales organizations.  We combine the power of technology and scale to deliver merchant services and technology solutions that fulfill all payment acceptance needs.    Intrix combines industry expertise with state-of-the-art technology to bring you results that make payment acceptance seamless to your organization.

www.Adventure.Travel is the traveler's guide for physical, cultural and nature-based adventure travel. In its second year, the site features more than 200 Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) Member Tour Operators and top billing on many search engines. Adventure.Travel is brought to you by the ATTA, and made possible by ExOfficio.


Travel Guard

Travel Guard works with marquee clients worldwide to provide customized travel insurance plans, emergency travel services, travel medical assistance, concierge, and customized call center solutions for their employees and customers. When you partner with Travel Guard, our passion for exceptional customer care will exceed your expectations and those of your customers.



Sysco is the global leader in selling, marketing anddistributing food products to restaurants, health care and educational facilities, lodging establishments and other customers who prepare meals away from home.  Its family of products also includes equipment and suppliers for the food service and hospitality industries.


Energy Federation

EFI was incorporated May 25th, 1982 by six non-profit energy organizations with the purposes of helping those member groups and other organizations economically purchase quality conservation products and assisting the public in using energy resources efficiently.


Montana Silversmiths

Established in Columbus, Montana in 1973, Montana Silversmiths® is a pioneer Montana Silversmiths Logomanufacturer and distributor in the western industry. Our skilled craftsmen are the finest in the western industry, perfecting a combination of traditional
western designs and crisply executed engraving styles which include buckles, jewelry, and lifestyle products for the western enthusiasts.



Datasource is an industry leading Employment Advisory Group that provides scalable filtering tools for hiring managers. As the Background Screening Vendor Partner of Choice for the many of the Top Companies throughout the US, the implementation of Datasource tools saves both time and money while providing critical information quicker so hiring managers can make more accurate, informed hiring decisions.


Justin Boots

With product lines including Justin Bent Rail™, the Stampede Collection™, the George Strait Collection™, and the Justin AQHA Lifestyle Collection™ – along with a prominent focus on producing best-in-class products handcrafted in the U.S. – Justin Boot Company® has been the leader in high-quality western footwear incorporating industry-leading boot technology for more than 130 years.
Justin Boots footwear products are available for men, women and children at western specialty stores across the country and online footwear retailers including

Find Justin Boots online:



Travel Savvy West

Make the West fun!  Follow our monthly newsletter for fresh ideas, special prizes and travel advice. 
Anything west of the Mississippi is fair game.  We welcome new readers.


Best of America by Horseback

Best of America by Horseback is a national television show that has aired on RFD-TV since 2005. We showcase beautiful scenic trail riding locations all across America. Most of our locations allow our viewers to join us and have a chance to be on TV. We also give tips on travel, equine health and care, nutrition and quality products. Please visit our website for more details and where you can ride with us next.

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Wyoming Weed & Pest Control 

We would like to introduce you to an education program that will help disrupt the relationship between the spread of invasive species and outdoor recreation– PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks. PlayCleanGo is designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a clear call of action to become attentive and accountable for stopping the spread of invasive plants, animals and insects. PCG began in Minnesota and is taking hold across the US and Canada. At this time we are making a concerted effort to invite partners across Wyoming. Please visit for more information.


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